My Secret Agent X Story Is Now On Audible.Com

My first published story from 2008, Wrath Of The Valkyrie, is now available on
It's part of an anthology of four stories, including tales by Andrew Salmon, Frank Schildiner, and Jarrod Courtemanche.

"Wrath Of The Valkyrie" pitted the classic superspy, Secret Agent X, against a team of Nazi saboteurs.  I managed to work in a 13mm custom anti-tank/sniper rifle and John Garand into the story.  It was a great tale to write.

Click here for the link to the story on Audible
Here's a link for the Kindle edition.
Here's a PDF of the first chapter to my story, Wrath Of The Valkyrie.

This was a very special story, to me, not only because it's the first time I received a check for my mad scribblings (Thanks to Chad Hardin and Ron Fortier), but it made me push my limits.

I'm a sci-fi guy.  Starships, cyborgs, superhumans, interdimensional mercenaries, mechs and power armor, you name it.

So, when Ron Fortier offered me a chance to write a tale of a classic Depression-era superspy, I wasn't sure which way to go.  I had to research, and push my comfort zone.  I'm glad he had faith in me.  Thanks, Ron.

So, Audible works like Kindle, only it's audio books, not digital books.  They're both Amazon companies.  You download the player program to your computer, phone, or tablet.  You can buy individual books, or buy a monthly subscription service.

John Bear Ross

PS Here's the front and back cover to the hard copy book, now out of print.


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