Saturday, April 9, 2016

Astagar Kickstarter Pledges Reworked: Attack VTOL and Shuttle Revealed!

Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games reworked the graphics and pledge levels of the Astagar Kickstarter to show what has been unlocked (4 stretch goals, so far), and to show new levels to come.

Here's the full upgrade post at the KS page.

To quote...
"We have had a quite comprehensive update to the the Pledge Graphics today, showing what the pledges could become as the campaign progresses.

Padlocks indicate locked elements of the Pledges and these will be removed as the Stretch goals begin to fall to your support.

In addition to this the 4.5K to 10.5K Stretch goals have been re-worked and revealed provide us all clear direction in the campaign as well and allowing the pledge contents potential to be reached.

We hope you like what is coming, we have appreciated your feedback to us and would like to give a big thanks to all our backers so far the tremendous level of support you are providing us with.

Craig & Dale @ CMG"

So, let's see what those new pledge levels entail (Astagar pun, sorry, had to do it), and get a glimpse of the new reveals, including drones, attack VTOLs, and the mama-snake of tank dropships...

Here's the updated package graphics...

The Mechanised Infantry Company Commander gets both of the above packages.  The Infantry Company Commander receives just the snake-grunts and their accompanying toys.

The Heavy Infantry Commander gets over a dozen slithering armoured nightmares, if all the unlocks happen, along with those towers and upgrades.

I am really looking forward to those slashing claws ripping through enemy mecha and tanks.

More beautiful snake-grunts sculpted by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.

Some thump and flame added to your infantry.  Sculpted by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.

Missile artillery, in grav or tracked versions, capable of flattening entire grid squares.

Some extra bits for your Viperia powered armours.

Comms vehicle unlocked, and added to the Mechanised Company Commander pledge level.

I made a number of alternate weapon systems for the main battle tanks and the self-propelled artillery.  Now you get to play with them!

 This is the mother of all unlocks.  Drones to swarm your enemies in a blizzard of fire, and death from above.
Those two flyers are shown in silhouette, but I think you're going to be VERY happy when they are revealed...
That's a lot of powered armour.  Awesome.

The number of heavy weapons teams TRIPLES with this unlock.  Wow!  Sculpts by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.

A neat piece of scenery as an objective.

Now, with this unlock, the scenery can shoot back!

Now, with this unlock, the scenery can blow you and everyone around you into tiny pieces!

And here is the additional buy list.  From one of the post updates on the KS effort, every additional pledge you buy receives the same multiple of unlocks.  That's a lot of minis!

Keep spreading the word.  If you have a friend or gaming group, get them interested.  The more pledges, the more unlocks.

Stay tuned.


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