Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Astagar Kickstarter Date Announced! March 31, 2016!

Here's the official announcement for the start date at the end of the month!

 On 31st March 2016, Critical Mass Games will launch a new Kickstarter project, seeking to fund a full range of 15mm Astagar Snakemen miniatures to add to its Mercenary line-up.

The Astagar first came into being in 2010 with five unique sculpts in the MERC8 infantry pack, and we have worked with our concept artist Rob Parkinson to re-invent the look of the Astagar to give them a more regular army feel.

Joining the development team for this project, we have been lucky enough to enlist the extremely talented Steve "Cool Hand" Tyler who has translated the infantry concepts in to superbly detailed 3d renders and the legendary John Bear Ross who has created Power Armor, Mecha, Vehicles, and VTOLs to support the campaign.

The initial campaign is looking to raise £2,000.00 GBP to bring the infantry miniatures, power armor and mecha to production, and after which we are looking to further enhance the campaign with stretch-goals unlocking more vehicles, variants and extras for backers.

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We hope you like what you have seen in this small preview, and please keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more of what's to come.

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