"15mm For The Love, 28mm For The Money"

"15mm For The Love, 28mm For The Money"

I've dropped this as a comment on various happenings in the 15mm world.

The simple reality is, most of us started in WH40K, which is a hodgepodge of 28/32mm "scale" (it's more of a grouping, but OK).  We all went to 15mm to save money, or make a statement.

Unfortunately, making a statement doesn't pay the bills, especially if you're a manufacturer.

If you're a 15mm manufacturer, you need cash flow.
Making stuff in 28mm can make your 15mm dreams happen.

I don't begrudge you the fact that your more popular 15mm offerings would also sell better in 28/32mm versions.  If anything, 15mm can be a test market for what might sell if made in a version that is double the size, and possibly 8x the cost.

You have to make money to keep the ball rolling.

So, if folks make larger versions of their 15mm stuff, don't hate.  They're trying to fund their 15mm dreams.  It's actually a brilliant strategy.  ;)


PS:  The inverse of this, is, obviously, 28mm manufacturers, that 15mm would possibly be 1/2 the height and 1/8th of the cost in materials.  Simple physics, really. 

You want to make big things and have massed infantry battles?  Offer a 15mm sideline. 

You can't hold a 28mm tank platoon in your palm.  You can, in 15mm.  Something to think about.  ;)


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