Saturday, December 12, 2015

Unauthorized Dictator Rework Revisit for 2015

CAV is where I started out sculpting professionally.
I was doing this as a mental exercise, renovating an old CAV design, the Dictator.  This isn't an official mod, nor do I have any claim to the Dictator's design.  It's all Reaper.

You can see the last post from that series here.  The last update was over two years ago.  There are links in that post that go farther back, if you wish to dig.

I ditched the "extending shock strut" leg design.  I was trying to integrate an a-grav generator into the lower legs, making the mech a hybrid of sorts.  It was too clumsy, and I ditched it, though the offset femur still remains.  I like that, weird as it may seem.

I still like the concept of a walking fighter-tank, and will use it later for other clients, but decided to just rough in an a-grav backpack that will be finished later for this guy.

I also got rid of the "death blossom" look of four missile launchers.  I enlarged the two shoulder missile pods, widened them to take an extra row of missiles, and mounted them on top of the hull.

The size has increased to near-Destroid proportions.  If this were to be printed, this model would be around 5 inches tall (about 125mm).  Those are 1/100th scale waldos on US pennies.  He's big.

Again, this is Reaper's property.  I'm just sketching, seeing what stirs to the surface.

Thanks, again, to Ed Pugh for getting me started in the business.


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