My First 15mm Tanks, The Saenz and Fletcher

Back in 2006, I was busy trying to jumpstart interest in 15mm science fiction here in the States.

These were the two tanks I was hoping to make it happen with.

The Saenz was named in honor of my friend Carlos Saenz, who was killed in Iraq.

The Fletcher was named for a captain of mine during my time at nuke security.

When Carlos was killed, I was gutted, and sold off the minis.  It was a stupid decision.  They were purchased by a fellow in the UK, and have never seen the light of day since.

I want to redo them, now.  It's been ten years, almost.  Why not?  Add it to the ten million other minis on the list.  ;)

Here's some source art from that time.  Pics of the raw printouts, too.



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