Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Scorpion Mech, Final Shots

Well, after much sleep deprivation and caffeine-fueled creativity, I am happy to show off the Scorpion Mech, soon to be offered from Rebel Minis via an upcoming Kickstarter.  Start saving.

 An overall shot of the three versions I whipped up, along with the Apache MATV for scale.

 This guy I call the Close Quarters Battle specialist.  Dual chainsaws (an older bit I adapted and modernized to fit with the new rework), a pincer claw, chin gatlings, and the dual weapon from the Viper Suit Sprue mounted at the shoulder hardpoint (you were wondering what those were for, weren't you?  ;)  ).

This guy is the "Custom."  Dual New Viper Weapons, chin gatlings, and dual pincers.  I like the "flying Y" nature of the tail weapons arrangement, along with the fact that the missile launcher faceplates fit on the tail weapons mount.  He's ready for business, he is...

 This guy is made to show off the RUMV compatibility of the Scorpion.  That is the standard cupola found on the Apache and Comanche armored vehicles, with a Waldo manning the grenade launcher.

 The Scorpion, in a pretty standard configuration, along with the New Viper Weapons Sprue to show off the potential weapons it can mount, and an Apache for scale.

 More standard shots of the Scorpion.  I am really loving this mech.

Finally, a pair of "angry" shots of the Scorpion.  The ball-and-socket nature of the weapons mounts make it so you have some poseability with the forearm weapons, which can also mount in the tail socket.

I hope you've enjoyed this Work In Progress, where I've taken an older build and extensively revamped it.  The next victim of the WIP/Rework process will be the Gorilla Mech, followed by the Wolf Mech.

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