Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spider Mech Up On Shapeways Store

You can theoretically have one of these in your hands before we do.

The Spider Mech has been finalized, and put up in the Rebel Minis Digital Direct store for sale.

It's expensive, but if you have to have it now now now, here's your chance. 

I recommend you use the Frosted Extreme Detail material, since that's the best resolution that Shapeways offers.  Click the link for my review of the material.

The options for the lower resolution, lower-priced materials are available if that is more in line with your budget.

Or, you can wait for the model to be offered via the regular production pipeline.  Possibly a Kickstarter?  We'll see.  Rebel Mike's call.

Here's the link to the main hull.

Here's the sprued-together octuple of legs.

And the chin double gatlings. 

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