Friday, March 13, 2015

ACP Games Vanir Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow. All Stretch Goals Unlocked!

The final 20 hours of the ACP Games Vanir Dropship Kickstarter are upon us.

Come this time tomorrow, you're either in, or out.

Better to be in, methinks.

Here's the link.

Best news of all is the fact that all the stretch goals have been unlocked for purchase, whether they're funded or not.  This means that you won't get them for free, just for pledging, but you can purchase them before they get to market, and at very good prices.  Prices are in the Add-On graphic, above.

Thus, if you opt in at the $5 pledge level, you get to pick and choose which of the specials in the graphic above you wish to add on.  Free shipping, too, if you're in the US.

Let's run down some of those tasty stretch goals that until now have been out of reach...

Leading off is the beautiful Angel Of Death, a 3-inch-tall beast of a support mecha.

As you know, the Vanir is huge.  The Angel Of Death is very intimidating, even next to that big, juicy dropship.  It positively dwarfs a Valk suit and a lone infantryman.  Angel Of Death, indeed!

 The Homesteader, a sculpt I did for the KS effort, is also available in singles or in a three-pack.

 The Commando Valkyrie suits kick ass.
 These Valkyries are A-T panzerhunters.  Very cool.

Again, this is a great time to jump in on this offer.  A small buy-in, and you get access to some of the best minis to come out in years.

That link, again, is


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