Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Titan Viper Suit Released From Rebel Minis

The Titan Marine Viper Suit (VPR, or Variable Payload Raider) is now for sale.

This is one of the smoother, sleeker sculpts I've done in a while.  I like how Rebel Mike lets me infuse the Earth Force vehicles with a more traditional, slabby look, while the Titan Marines get the more futuristic, smoother visual trademarks.

These are painted by Jason Moore.

Here the Titan Viper is next to a pair of Ursa Suits.  Very cool.

These are cast in metal, and come equipped with a combat loadout of paired energy cannons and a Titan Marine dual missile launcher.

  Also released is a set of mech pilots, sculpted by Martin Baker.

The nice thing about the different Viper suits, as well as the Hammer Suits, is that most of the weaponry and accessories are compatible, making customization a snap if you want to dress out a character's ride or make something stand out on the tabletop.

Click here for the direct link to the Rebel Minis store.



Edit to Add: I just noticed that Major Diz Aster received his order of Titan Marine Vipers, and put a blog up.

Click Here for the link.
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