Monday, December 22, 2014

WGF/Mark Mondragon's 15mm Mortis and Leviathan Weapons Arrive!

Whoo-hoo!  My 15mm Mortis and the alternate Leviathan weapons arrived today!

 Christmas came early.  A nice parcel showed up on the doorstep today.

 Deploy edged weaponry!  My Ken Onion Leek, shown for scale.  And box entry.

 Newspapers from Utah.  The Deseret News.

 Invoice, Mortis box, and alternate weapons.



 Everybody, out of the box!

 Sprues, base, and handy-dandy phillips-head screwdriver.

 Close-up of the bad guy's head.  And screwdriver.

 Close up of the sprues.  Very nicely done, Mark.

 Nova Cannon, out of the box.  I ordered a pair.

 Ripper Saw.

Hel Cannon.

These will now take a wonderful place of honor among all my other unbuilt kits.  ;)

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