Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Merka Tank Prints

The venerable Merka 5, the mainstay of the Earth Force armored forces, is due for a refit.

It has been a fan favorite for years.  The old hull mold ("mould" for you UK folks) is showing its age, though, and Rebel Mike decided to have it reprinted.

I asked for, and received, permission to revamp the classic digital sculpt.  A few edges were smoothed, a few details reworked, and the side skirts were revamped in a staggered pattern, to give it more of that "Merkava-In-Space" feel.

The turret was left alone, since it still rocks mightily.

We also did a 6mm version of the new hull, along with the turret.

This is why you pay more for high-resolution prints.

Look at that.

You couldn't dream of getting that smooth and crisp detail five years ago.

Truly gorgeous.

 Here are some close-up pics of the 6mm Merka, with a 15mm scale Titan Marine for size reference.

Here are some more comparison renders of the old and new hulls, side by side.  Ah, I love the sight of "render grey," don't you?  ;)

The reprinted hull and 6mm Merka are off to the mold-makers.  I'll update when they're for sale at Rebel Minis.

Printing by Paul at
Buy once, cry once, I sez.  The quality is definitely worth the price.


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