Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rebel Minis 20% Sale Until Sunday!

Rebel Mike is tied up at work.  Real life sucks.  I know the feeling, trust me, Mike.

So, since he can't take the time off to attend Cold Wars this weekend, he's taking 20% off your order until Midnight, Sunday, March 9th

The discount code is "NOCOLD" at checkout from

If I might make a few suggestions...

The CATS Vanguard Box Set.  5 CAT Combat drones with various kit, from close combat to heavy gatlings and flamethrowers.

Any of the Titan Marines Box Sets.  VTOLS, APCs, MRAPs, URSA Mechs, and Titan Marines, Oh My!

A Single Merka or a Platoon of Merkas.  Can you have too many Merkas?  What is that, a rhetorical question?

 If you're not into the whole sci-fi thing, I would also suggest any of Rebel's excellent depth of 15mm Modern Gangers, Gunmen, Hostages, and Police.  His 15mm Modern Military and Police, too.  All can perform double duty in a well-run sci-fi campaign.

 And to cap it off, Mike's excellent PF-sculpted ranges of Shalur, Manth, Pangalactic Legion, and Brog Empire infantry will set your army or opposing force apart from anything else out there.

Mike's other Alien Races are a cornucopia of excellent figs, all by top-notch sculptors.

Hurry.  The sale ends in a few days.  That code again was "NOCOLD" at checkout.  $6 Flat Shipping US Domestic, $12 USD Flat Rate shipping worldwide.  That's a deal.  Jump on it.

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