Thursday, October 17, 2013

New 6mm Armor From Khurasan!

So, a little world-wide premiere action tonight!

I'm happy to reveal the newest additions to Khurasan Jon's line of 6mm sci-fi armor:

The Nova Respublik Red Lightning MBT

The Nova Respublik Red Eagle MBT

And the Nova Respublik Yozkik (Hedgehog) Heavy APC/ICV.

Crimson Army infantry are also in the works...


These Nova Respublik Crimson Army offerings join Jon's existing MDMS line of 6mm armor...

Goanna Mk. 1 (175mm Main Gun, both manned and unmanned turrets)


Goanna Mk.2 (70mm Rotary cannon, manned and unmanned turrets)


Taipan Tank Destroyer (7mm Rail Gun, manned and unmanned turrets)

And Cane Toad APC (Ultimate protection for delivering your 12 combat-loaded troops to the battlefield).

For Khurasan's 6mm Armor line, click here.  The Nova Respublik offerings should be up soon.

For 15mm versions of the Nova Respublik armor, click here, and scroll down to the Crimson Army entries.

Paintjobs by the inimitable Spacejacker.

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