Friday, September 13, 2013

Grymn Powered Armour: Printed Parts From Moddler!

I love getting 3d-printed parts in the mail.  It's like Christmas.  Or a successful bank robbery.

Today's arrival of the Grymn Powered Armor parts marks the close of this little effort for Hasslefree Miniatures, a lovely group of folks in the UK.

 The parts laid out.  Moddler logo included because I've always enjoyed looking at it.

 Close-up of the grill work for the backpack and missile launcher.  The four vents in the backpack are very fine.

 That's a bit of dust on the side of the combination weapon.  The ball and socket mesh nicely.

 The reverse engineering worked out, and the new digital-sculpted shoulder cup fits beautifully over the production model's shoulder stud.  Those spikes are the attachment points from the build support lattice.  Easily remedied.

 Trying to hold three pieces together and take a picture at the same time is an exercise in silliness.  Nevertheless, here it is.  The muzzles of the combination weapon turned out well.

The railgun's spinal detailing turned out nicely.  The filled-in lower region of the barrel is very subtle, but paint washes should bring out the detail nicely.

These parts were printed on's Perfactory machine.  As you can see from the macro pictures, my fingerprints show more flaws than the builds.

Those spikey bits are attachment points for the support scaffolding that is intrinsic to Perfactory builds.  Part of designing means leaving spots where detail can be obliterated or masked by these studs.  It helps when you have an expert running the machine, like I do with Moddler.

Well, with a bit of clean-up (x-acto blade and light sanding) these will soon be winging their way to the UK.



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