Friday, August 23, 2013

Grymn Powered Armour, Part 2

Here's a link to Part One.

So, here's my unasked-for modification of the Grymn Powered Armours from Hasslefree Miniatures, fabricating some bits that make these 28mm-scale figs do double duty in 15mm/1-100th scale.

So, the easiest way I see to do it is create a new shoulder bit that can utilize a few new weapon and arm bits.  The shoulder is left/right universal, so only one needs to be printed out.

 I start by forming a socket that will fit over the existing mounting point that projects from the side of the torso.
 A nice, rounded shoulder bit gives me an idea of how things will work.
 A little rework, and things flow better without the shoulders towering over the rest of the body.
The bronze-colored sphere is actually going to be subtracted from the rest of the shoulder bit, once everything is approved and fused.

 And with a "Mirror" command, one side matches the other.
 A view from the back.  The blue stripe up the back is a digital insert that fills the hollow mounting point found on the real model.

 I borrow some stunt weapons from a 15mm Zas Mecha, courtesy of Critical Mass Games.  These are just stand-ins.  As you can see, even the smallest weapon I made for the Zas mechs... a bit too large for the Grymn Armour.

 But, with a simple "Scale" command, the stand-in weapon is brought in to a more proportional size.  About 3/4 inch, or 19mm, is a nice size for this height of armour/armor.

 They even look nice in pairs!

 I whip up a quick bulk-out of a backpack/power plant.  If I want this to be a 15mm-sized minimech, I'm going to have to give it some scale cues.  The backpack also looks a bit too GW-ish, so I will revisit working a new configuration.  I will also work out mounting points for over-the-shoulder weapons.  Again, this is just a bulk-out.

Overall, though, I'm liking where this is going.

I'm revisiting some old files (those old CAD guns I sold to HF years ago), and wondering how I can incorporate them into the new design.  Looking back at these earlier designs, I can see I've progressed.  They'll make great bulk-outs and stand-ins, though, and might look even better with some modern touch-ups and adaptation as heavy fire support weapons.


PS Part Three is up.  Click Here.
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