Thursday, July 4, 2013

Merka and APC Prototypes: You Never Got To See These, I Think...

In the winter and spring of 2009, things were great.  I was still on night shift, I was prototyping like a fiend, and life was good.

I was busy as all get out, though, and a few things fell through the cracks.

Here's a few pics of the Merka and Earth Force APC original master prototypes.  These were amber-colored Objet prints, excellent for their day.

Before there was a RUM-V system, there were these accessories.  "Caterpillar"-style anti-gravity pods that never quite made it to molding (like I said, it was a busy time).

Here, you see the "5-pod" antigrav unit.  You can see why I call it a Caterpillar drive, since the pods look like stubby little legs.

Here's the Wolverine Fire Support variant of the Earth Force APC.

Here's the various iterations of the Merka 5 and 9, the Main Battle Tank and Self-Propelled Artillery units.

It has only been four years, but these models seem to have from a lifetime ago.  I has happy to discover these pics when looking for the digital files to which they correspond.

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