Sunday, July 28, 2013

CMG Ravager Build-Up, Part 2

I'm slowly building up a CMG Ravager in between sculpting sessions (and disco ball installations).

Here's my usual basing technique.  It's pretty simple.  I usually use fender washers and Magic Sculpt, and then hand-texture the putty as it sets up.

 I had already done the Ravager before I remembered I should probably get some pics of the process.


So, I based a Critical Mass Arc Fleet Walker that I had put together previously.

 Equal parts Magic Sculpt, each about the size of a marble.  One 1/4 inch (~6mm) fender washer.

 Mix the two parts together...

...and squash it flat.  The epoxy can retain objects pressed into it like an adhesive.

 Once the Walker is set in the epoxy, I start up my tap-tap-tap routine with a rounded sculpting tool, and make several overlapping impressions into the epoxy.  I try and avoid a uniform, "golfball"-like effect, by working the same area over in random patterns.

I'll primer and basecoat next.

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