Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Khurasan MDMS Mercenary Tanks, Part 4

Here's the fourth part in the series of posts showcasing the MDMS mercenary tanks from Khurasan Miniatures.

Here's posts One, Two, and Three.

This fourth posts deals with the manned version of the Goanna Mk.2 tank, nominally named the Goanna Mk.2-C, for "crewed."

Here are a few views of said infantry-devouring tank, with glaringly-obvious rotary cannon.

 A crewman's view.
 A sapper's view, about to toss a satchel charge down the crew hatch.
 "Pen" view, with the York suppressive turret.
 Pen view with the quad-missile launcher.
Another quad-missile launcher view, in Pen mode.

Next, barring a short respite of non-sobriety, the Taipan-C.


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