Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amazing Artwork At A Local Las Vegas Museum Gallery

I don't impress easily when it comes to artwork, digital or otherwise.  I'm aging, cynical, jaded, and bitter.

Well, most of the time. ;)

The family and I spent the day in Las Vegas, and went to the Springs Preserve, a new(-ish) grouping of indoor and outdoor exhibits, museums, and gardens that showcase the history and prehistory of the Las Vegas valley.

In one of the museums, they had a small section that featured artwork from local high school students.

I was blown away by one picture in particular.  It was a standard 36" by 24" framed illustration, hand-drawn, titled, "Outcome Of A Daydreaming Hand," by Jacob Nelson, a high school senior at Bishop Gorman High.
 Here's the work in its entirety.  Lovely subject, yes, but that's not the point.  Look at the composition of the shading.
 Zooming in.  The elements of the shading are starting to emerge.  Something seems off, right?

Look closer.

 Zoomed-in detail of the eye.

Amazing, no?  The entire piece is a doodle, a sketch in the margins.  Mere scribblings.

Only it's an impressive doodle by a very talented artist.  I was blown away.  His technique is unorthodox, yet brilliant.  I love it.

Here's the credit tab for the work.

Great job, Mr. Nelson.  You've impressed this aging, bitter man.


John Bear Ross
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