Sunday, February 24, 2013

Critical Mass Games Update: Command Bits

Well, the mechs I did for Critical Mass Games are funded!  Thanks for those of you who, along with me, upped or started a pledge to the Kickstarter effort.

So, the £7000 stretch goal for the mechs was met, and the £8000 barrier fell soon after.

For the rapidly-approaching £8500 mark, I was commissioned by Craig and Dale to create a command turret for the already-extant CMG Mercenary Bastion IFV

The digital model they sent me was nice, crisp, and no-nonsense.  It was in STL format, the "lingua franca" of prototyping, but thanks to Rhino's Mesh2Nurbs command, I was able to format the bits into something I was more comfortable working with, NURBS.

 After Mesh2Nurbs, I merged a lot of co-planar surfaces, just so I wasn't working in a spiderweb of mesh lines.  I left the treads and road wheels be, since I wasn't really working on them in particular.

 I took the Zas corporate logo from one of Craig and Dale's graphics (the red ring is my own addition for the "Pretty Pictures/Red Raider" series of posts), and made a 3d version of it.

I incorporated that 3d logo into the design of the command turret that I eventually came up with.  The turret is larger than the sleeker, low-profile battle version, but is still able to traverse (rotate), and use the battle version's ingenious weapons.

I like the mounting system that CMG's previous digital sculptor used.  Whomever you are, you did good.

So, here are a few screen shots of a digital walkaround of the new Zas command tank, armed and unarmed.




Hope you liked it.

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