Monday, February 18, 2013

Critical Mass Games Kickstarter

Full Disclosure:  Critical Mass Games is a long-time sculpting client of mine, and I've been tapped to contribute some of my work to this crowd-sourced funding effort.  And I like money.

Dale and Craig, the principals of Critical Mass Games, are making a bold effort to expand their already formidable product line.

They are using the crowd-funding website Kickstarter to launch a bid to expand one of their most popular Mercenary squads, the Zas, into a full-fledged army in their own right.

Click Here for the direct link to the campaign.

I liked the prospect of the campaign so much I signed on right away.  I wasn't the only one.  The project met its goal a mere SIX hours after being offered (in a stunning conflict of interest, I'm the one who pushed it over into "funded" status), and has continued to break stretch goal after stretch goal during the last few weeks.

A pair of VTOLs, support weapons, drones, new painting packages, nothing seems to stop the inertia of this beast.

I have done a pair of mechs for Critical Mass that will be utilized as stretch goals for when the pledge levels meet or exceed £7000.  These are a pair of mercenary mechs called the Ravager and Blackguard.

Here's are the silhouette pics of the Blackguard, the fire support specialist of the two mechs.  Dual pairs of heavy energy cannons and missile launchers are its load-out.  I know you're going to like the full renders and line-art style pics I've done for this.

The Ravager, not shown yet, is a jump assault variant of the mech design, with a jump pack and close-combat weapons.  That's coming up soon as well.

Updates to follow.  Only 19 days left on this Kickstarter, so get in while the getting's good.

John Bear Ross
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