Friday, January 25, 2013

KarkPanzer Light, WIP Part 2

Okay, so, we've started the research and bulk-out, now to start making that ungainly, slabby thing from WIP Part 1 a more productive participant on the tabletop battlefield.

After the basic shape is approved, I get to work on the first detailing pass.

 A rocket launcher originally created for the Cane Toad APC is pressed into service as a placeholder for a pintle-mounted weapon that is soon to be designed. 

I try and build modularity into all my sculpts, and that peg/socket system is in place on most of the vehicles I have designed for Jon at Khurasan.

 Top deck detailing is sparse for now, mostly just moving components around to see what the client likes.
 The engine section is crude and lacking any major detail at this point.
 These three pairs of bolt-adorned straps/studs are going to be moved in the next iteration of detailing.  They're going to be locating slots for optional armored side panels.
 And here's the side view.  Jon gave the go-ahead to replace the traditional overlapping German road wheels with smaller ones of our own design.

Stay tuned for more.

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