Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Rebel Minis Titan VTOL

The Saber VTOL was one of the first builds I did for Rebel Minis, during the beginning of this current golden age of 15mm scale gaming (September of 2008 is the earliest email I can find from when we started down this road).  I like the design, and believe it has stood the test of time.  It was done in both gunship and troop carrier variants.

But even if you have a good design, you need someone to fight against, right?  GI Joe needs Cobra.  The Autobots need the Decepticons.  Green army men need tan army men. 

Thus, after years of delays on my part after initially committing to the work (and turning down other requests to do similar stuff along the way) I finally completed an opposite number for the Saber.  The Titan Marines now have their own VTOL, which shares a lot of the same architecture and design features as the Earth Force original, but with some Hind-inspired differences.

The Titan Marine VTOL takes a lot of design cues from the old Russian Hind helicopter, and will probably be very useful to folks wanting to use it in their Neo-Soviet forces.

Here are a few smooth renders of the digital build.  The initial plan was to give the option to mount the rocket pods at 8 different hardpoints.  4 underwing, 2 on the wingtips, and 2 abovewing.  6 rocket pods are included in the kit, though.

You'll have the option of using the belly pod for troops, a chin gun, and all those rocket pods.  Rebel Mike says that the kit will retail for $20 USD, which is a nice price for that much kit.  Check out to see when it goes on sale.


And here are some samples of the model...

Now, those of you who are long enough in the tooth will be quick to point out that this is not my first Hind-inspired design.  I will blush, and say you are right, but only on the condition that you admit I've gotten better since then...

One of the first builds I did for Reaper back in 2001 or 2002 was called the Fenri.  It was a tilt-wing VTOL with a double-stacked bubble canopy, much like our new Titan Marine VTOL shown above.  I also liked the P-38 style split tail I incorporated way back when.

Looking back on that old design, I'm appreciative of where I started, and how far I've come.  Thanks again to Reaper Ed for my first shot in the biz.


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