Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking Dead Season Three, Despite Dish Network

Well, despite the best efforts of my satellite provider, Dish Network, to screw things up, I still managed to watch the premiere of The Walking Dead last night.

Thank God for good neighbors, especially good neighbors with Direct TV.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but I really enjoyed the episode.  A lot more action, without 90% of the hand-wringing, sophomoric melodrama, and stuck-on-the-farm inertia that plagued last season.

So, here's  a few offerings from Khurasan and Rebel Minis for those of you wanting to kill some Zeds and Walkers on the tabletop.

First up is Khurasan's range of zombies, survivors, and a containment team.  The containment team is listed under the Eldrich Horror category, and the zombies are under (what else) Modern Zombies.

And here's Rebel's wide variety of Zombie-related stuff.  Hazmat team members, office zombies, clown zombies, Nazi zombies, you name it.  I also like Mike's Post-Apoc Survivors, sculpted by Bobby Jackson, as zed hunters.


That's a lot of undead action.  Both manufacturers (and clients of mine) have outstanding ranges.  Make sure you spend plenty of time spelunking through their sites.  From modern, to post-apoc, to eldrich horror, to gunmen and thugs, they've got it covered.

 Links to both of their sites can be found on the top right portion of my blog's sidebar, under Clients, Friends, and Resources

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