Friday, October 19, 2012

Spaceman Spiff's Arc Fleet Walker Conversions

Spaceman Spiff posted these up in March, but I've been a bit busy.

It's definitely been at the back of my mind, though, so to eliminate the buzzing, I'm going to get it on the blog, and out of my head.

Spiff took the ubiquitous Arc Fleet Walker I did for Critical Mass Games a few years ago, and made three conversions.  The first, an assault mech.  The second, an anti-air version bristling with double gatlings cannons, and the third a recon variant that has extendable arms that stow away in armored modules.

Here's the Assault version.

 Here's the anti-air variant.

 And the recon version.  Look out, crunchies!

You can find out more here at Spiff's blog post on the subject.

I recently did an upgrade kit for the Arc Fleet Walker, adding new weapons and capabilities without changing the original sculpt.  They will be add-on bits that (hopefully!) can be bolted onto existing models.  Stay tuned.

A conversion of the Arc Fleet Walker was done last year by a fellow in Australia.  Click Here for that post.

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