Tuesday, September 4, 2012

15mm Scale (1/100th) Scale Leviathans Are A Go!

Mark Mondragon's Kickstarter effort has reached that critical (to me) goal of offering 15mm scale (1/100th scale) versions of his terrific Leviathan walkers.

I'm officially a backer of the Kickstarter (my first), and I'm marked down (for now) for three 4.5 inch tall Leviathans.

You can (and should) do the same. A $44 pledge gets you one 15mm Scale Leviathan, $79 gets you two, and $105 gets you three. Every $35 beyond the third Leviathan gets you another unit.

And there's also future developments being revealed. As the Kickstarter grows, new 15mm scale items will be unlocked.

I will have to up my contribution when the Mortis and the additional weapons become available. I'm in love with that Nova Cannon. A Leviathan with two of those beasties would put on quite a barbeque.

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