Monday, August 6, 2012

Top Gun's Grav Tanks Are Back On The Market

Every year sees many new upstarts in the miniatures business, all trying to make their mark in an already-crowded niche.

Some remain. Some go. Some are missed. Some are not.

Here's some good news about one of those that had to go, and was missed.

Top Gun sculpted a series of grav tanks and armored vehicles. They had a very clean, slippery, streamlined look.

Last year, Rob from Topgun had to take his temporary leave of the business, but he's now back.

The "clean" models are available now, and the reactive-armor-wearing models will be put back into production soon as well.

Rob's handle on The Miniature Page's 15mm forum is Mako11. His email address, in spam-resistant format, is calidreamer3 AT hotmail [dot[ com

He'll take orders and questions at that email address. Some models are available, others are pending restock. Check here, at the TMP link, for more info.

Good to see you back, Rob.

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