Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Art Of: Charles Oines

When you see this digital coin (a stylized rendition of an American .25 piece), you know you're in for a good design. It's Charles Oines' calling card, of sorts (calling coin?), used as a size reference for his screen shots of rendered sculpts.

Charles Oines
is a digital artist who does business through his own studio, Irrational Designs.

He's done film, rapid prototyping, and video games. Truly, an expansive body of work.

Here's some of it. Most of it is captioned already in the image, so there's no sense in my words getting in the way of the art. Just take it in...

As you can see, we've worked for a few of the same clients, but he makes me look like a piker.

You can buy his sculpts at the above-mentioned manufacturers, or his own line of mind-blowing rapid-prototyped minis at his Shapeways Store.

Great stuff.


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