Monday, July 30, 2012

Critical Mass Games Sale About To End

Critical Mass Games has had a 20% off sale for most of July.

Look at the calender. July is almost over.

Hurry up and order.

Get some of my Arc Fleet vehicles and walkers. C'mon. You know you need more walkers. And a platoon of grav bikes. And some Augments.

Or get some of Charles Oines' Praesentia RAL infantry and drones.

Or some PF Mercenaries, including Astagar Fighters and Ygs Fighters that will soon be getting some mech support.

Or some of those awesome Canine troops, the Protolene Khanates, with armor support, again, from Mr. Oines.

The Kaamados Dominion are an amazingly diverse coalition/hybrid army. Oines did the vehicles for these, too. Does that guy sleep?

Or you can save some money on that ginormous Gruntz mecha, the Imperator, or a few Gruntz-tailored army packs.

Hurry. The 31st is almost over.

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