Saturday, March 17, 2012

Putting Together An AR-15 Rifle, Part 4

Well, as promised, I got permission from She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (aka "Beautiful Rachel") to finish the build process on my AR-15 rifle, using a portion of our tax return.

You can see the previous posts of this WIP build-up here, by clicking on the links...Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

So, now that the hard part was out of the way (pressing in roll pins, etc), there was only the matter of selecting the right upper.  That's the nature of the AR rifle.  You can swap out uppers in 5 seconds, simply by pushing out two retaining pins, and clicking on an entire new upper receiver assembly.

So, I chose an upper configuration that I've always liked, nominally called the Dissipator type upper.  To me, this combines the handiness and portability of a carbine, with the sight radius of a full-length rifle.

Plus, with my clumsy, over-length arms, there's more chance of me grabbing cool plastic handguard instead of boiling-hot steel barrel after or during an extended shooting session.

So, here's the final build...

My thanks to Aim Surplus for the prompt shipping on the upper receiver, and great product.

Also, to Larue Tactical, who include a wonderful amount of extras with even tiny orders like mine.  Stickers, Dillo Dust, Tactical Beverage Entry Tool, and a pocket Constitution.  Great stuff, gents.

Magazine inserted, lest Dr. Jeter yell at me...

Here she is with the 20-round Magpul magazine.  The 30-rounder is there for reference.

To recap the components...
-She started life as a stripped Doublestar Lower (I put it together with instructions from the ARFCOM Build It Yourself thread)
-Lower Parts Kit from Midway (AR Stoner, maybe? It's been a while)
-ACE fixed rifle-length stock
-Ergo Grip
-Spike's Dissy Upper bought from Aim Surplus, Mid-length gas system, with Magpul MOE handguards
-ST MIL-B-11595E CMBV 5.56 NATO 1/7 CL HP MP barrel (Nice light profile. She swings easy)
-Larue Tactical BUIS
-My old M-240G sling from my time in.
-Light and Optic to come later, as funds allow.
-Booze choice is limited, due to Atkins. Sorry. Don't smoke, either, so no cigar. Toes are all natural.

This is my first AR in about 10 years (I used to be a hard-core FAL guy). My previous AR was a hodge-podge Dissy.
It's the configuration I've always liked. Nice to be back.

John Bear Ross
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