Monday, January 16, 2012

Khurasan Centipede Tank/Skuttler

Jon at Khurasan Miniatures has revealed a project I got to work on last year called the Skuttler.  It's a hybrid tank/APC for one of his many imaginative alien races, nicknamed the Stikks.

The build was a challenge, yet simple to produce.  A strange and contradictory statement, I know, but bear with me.

The centipede-like design required a head module, a main "mobility" segment, and a tail module.  Any number of mobility segments could be strung along in a row, but they all had to interconnect to each other, as well as the head and tail segments.

Each mobility segment also had to allow a range of motion, both in pitch, yaw, and roll, enabling the customer to pose and glue the final model into any number of contortions.

Not an easy undertaking, as the WIP screen captures show below.  Here were a few bend/twist/flex tests, before the main detailing was carved into the model.

And here are the final screen captures (for client approval) of the beastie.  I believe Jon will sell two mobility segments with the basic kit, and offer additional upgrade packs.

What was the 'simple' part of the contradictory statement?  Well, even though it was a bit of a bugger to prototype in the screen, the beauty of the design was that only one mobility segment had to be printed on a 3d prototyper, saving the client money.  Modularity and economy.  Nice.


John Bear Ross
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