Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Designs: The First Sketch I Ever Did For Rebel Minis

Like I've mentioned before, Rebel Mike and I first made contact in 2006 or so. Looking through old computer records, I discovered that he had been interested in buying the Saenz and Fletcher grav tanks.

God, I wish I had taken him up on the offer. Stupidest thing I've done in the last decade, selling those masters (and the rights) over ebay. Stupid stupid stupid.

So. Anyway...

There was a dead spot in communications between Mike and I, and then in 2008 we started talking again about doing a project in 15mm scale.

I found the first sketch I did for him, before I did the Slick VTOL proposal that turned into the Saber VTOL.

A combination tank hull that could function in a number of roles. Main Battle Tank. Directed Energy Weapon Platform. Missile Support. Armored Personnel Carrier.

We ended up specializing, and went for the Earth Force APC instead as a ground vehicle project.

He liked the results, so we went on to another project: A War of The Worlds style Martian walker. This was my first design. Very smooth, very futuristic. He wanted a re-do, wanting a more Victorian Sci-Fi, riveted look. No problem.

Here was the revision...

Which led to this. More pics of the Martian Walker can be found in this blog post. You can buy one here...

Also, just so you know, Rebel has a Christmas Sale going on now until the 31st. Here's the blog post containing the code you need to enter at checkout. 20% off is a nice discount.


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