Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Designs: The Defender Mecha

The Defender actually was done on spec around 2003 or so (it's been a while). I originally envisioned it as a Neo-Soviet battle mecha for an alternate Cold War (with Mecha) installment I had planned for my wargame. Thus, the reason for the Kalishnikov-like autocannons, and the simple/brutal styling.

The only time the Defender saw the light of day was as a 28mm scale build I did to test a ZCorp 3d printer's capabilities. I wasn't impressed with the output. The ZCorp at the time created parts that had the surface texture of a sugar cookie or sandpaper. No way was that going to cast, or even be acceptable to the buying public. Another one of my (many) dead ends during the early days of trying out the many possible avenues of rapid prototyping.

I eventually donated the prototype to Nick Tompkins, of Epicast fame. I don't think he was too enamored of the model, or its texture. I can't blame him. He's probably using it to prop up a couch or something, or gave it to his kids as a target for their BB guns or .22 rifles.

So, the Defender file stayed in the archives.

I had the bright idea a few years ago of selling .3dm Rhino files to other digital sculptors, so they could build and modify the files into creations of their own, kind of like what some manual sculptors do with their frames, or dollies.

I took a few screen captures of the Defender, gave it a few more options, and waited for the sales to roll in. I only had a few takers. Hopefully they were able to use the files, and learn to work their files into prototypeable meshes.

Sigh. So much for the look back.

Here's the Defender with a pair of those AK-style cannons.

Here's the Defender with a pair of heavy hands, and forearm suppressive gatlings. More of a close-combat specialist.

And here's a mixed payload of hand/gatling and cannon.

And lastly, an Earth Force HAMR Suit from Rebel Minis next to a Defender. The Defender is painfully in need of an update, as you can see. The Defender's height, about 3 inches, is about 25 feet tall in 1/100th scale. Not too badly sized for its intended role and more primitive technology level in its planned universe. For an extra treat, click here for a tabletop animation of the Defender. Let it load. It's slow. Once it boots up, click the "Continuous" option to see a walkaround view.

Well, that's all I've got for now.

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