Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guns For PF, Part 2

A while ago, PF, sculptor extraordinaire, commissioned me to do some weapons for some 28mm sculpts he was commissioned to do by a European client.

I started a series on it earlier in the year, and (as always) drifted off to other things to blog about. Here's the first post, from Jan 2011.

In the spirit of international cooperation, I readily agreed to do the work. I think I took the 15mm Superhumans from Rebel in trade for payment. Mike or PF, feel free to correct me, if I'm wrong.

Here's the Detonator, as I called it. A heavy plasma-thrower support weapon.

Added freebie: that heavily-bayonetted energy rifle above the Detonator in the last pic.

PF showed me a sculpt with some of these weapons. His sculpts and my weapons make a great team, let me tell you.

More to come. Hopefully more than every 11 months. ;)

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