Sunday, December 4, 2011

Comfy Chair SpiderMech Workup, Part 4

Well, I spent some time painting minis with the kids yesterday, taking a small break from the sculpting desk. I finally decided to take a whack at painting up the SpiderMech I had converted and primed. This is part 4 of that series. Here's Part 1. Part 2. And Part 3, if you're interested in the build-up.

I wanted a "Dark Ygs" approach to the paint scheme. The Critical Mass Games mercenary pilot I converted (see part 3) shares the same base coat as his armored vehicle. Not quite as bright and clean as the standard Ygs paintjob (see below), having spent years fighting and scraping along as a merc armor pilot.

Reaper's ProPaint "Slate" color is a great color for Ygs flesh, btw. I think it's discontinued, though.

I prefer latex paints. Reaper has a very nice selection. There's no hobby store near me, though, but I have found that the big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot tend to have 2 oz. "tester" bottles that are more than adequate for a hobbyist's needs. I have had good results with the Glidden Tester samples. Here's what you can pull up on Walmart's site. Chances are they're near you, as well, in the home improvement department.

Here's a couple of pics with the flash on...
And a few more with the flash off, to show the more matte paint scheme. Ah, black wash, you so wonderfully cover my painting flubs...

Here's the factory offering for the Ygs mercenaries. I converted the fig on the far right.

Here's what a Spider Mech looks like with a proper paint job. SilentBob27 is the artist. He really brought the sculpt to life.
Here are a few more painted Spiders, from Comfy Chair Games' website.
Well, that's the detail coat. I'll see if I can work up some more, and maybe add some decals or other insignia, as well as flock the base.

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