Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

Well, it's the end of the year Two Thousand and Eleven, Anno Domini.  Wow.  That year went fast.

Well, let's recap this year o'mine that was once 2011.  For more details, reference the archives in the sidebar of the blog...

1.  I sold off my Taig CNC mill.  I had to free up some money quick so we could keep the house.  These things happen.  A replacement is being picked out, but it's a long time coming.  Something always seems to pop up and run away with my seed money.

2.  I did the Sefadu and Waza series of weapons for MERCS Minis.  They turned out very nice when incorporated into their sculpts.

3.  The Rebel Comanche and Apache series of MATVs were introduced.  Big crowd pleasers.

4.  My novella in the first Mars McCoy anthology was published.  A long-awaited piece of writing that I'm very proud of bringing to market.

5.  The Griffin, from Critical Horizon, was sculpted up in an extensive WIP series.  This mini (and others) are coming to production in 2012.

6.  The Khurasan Felid Jetbike premiered.  Even bigger, the Red Banner series of Neo-Soviet tanks, previewed in November of 2010, came to market, and look to have sold well.

7.  The Viper Suit, a modular heavy utility armor that can easily be converted to be a piece of military hardware, is soon to be released from Rebel Minis.  I'm really looking forward to what converters and scratch-builders do with that platform.

8.  A modular set of building and fortification modules was done for Khurasan Minis.  The exterior walls and gate set have reached market.  Look for more to come.

Those are the high points of stuff I've been able to show.  A large amount (I'd say 2/3rds, easily) of my work for the year hasn't hit the public eye yet, so I'm excited for future reveals.

On the downside, I've spent a LOT of time in this sculpting chair, and had a few brushes with sculpting block. I've packed on the weight again.  I'm getting burned out, especially with higher workloads at my day-job leaving me little to no time and energy once I get home.

Not to whine, but if you see my creative tempo and output taper off during 2012, that's why.  I'm going to be taking it easier, spending less time in this chair, and more time refocusing on my family.  Just a heads-up.

Well, I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year.  Watch out for those pesky checkpoints.

John Bear Ross
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