Sunday, November 20, 2011

Early Ogre Digital Sculpts

I met Paul Chapman at my first GAMA convention. I think it was 2002, in Las Vegas. I was there at the behest of Ed Pugh, for whom I was doing some of the digital sculpts for Reaper's CAV game.

I found out years later that Paul was working as fast and furious as Ed and I were on bringing rapid prototyping to tabletop gaming.

Recently, I was spelunking around the interwebz, and found some old updates from Steve Jackson Games from back in 2001. Yup. 10 years ago. This was about the same time I was doing up the first Koda Works Dictator for Reaper. Time flies when you're having fun, no?

I don't know if the rapid-prototyped Ogre minis ever made it to market. Here are some screen captures from a decade ago, showing the Mk.1, Mk.2, and Mk.3 versions of the most fearsome cybertanks to ever storm across the sci-fi landscape.

Here's a side shot of the Mk.1

A trio of nice views of the Mk.2

And a family shot, showing all three marks.
Paul was putting out far better work than I at the time. It would have been nice to see these in hand. I also enjoy the blue "waldo," or reference model.

The Ogre product line comes and goes, most recently in the projected form of an expensive board game with 2.5-d, piece-together miniatures. Sadly, as someone who bought the Ogre/GEV micro-game boxed set back in the early 90's, I'm unmoved.

You can still find Ogre minis on the Warehouse 23 site. It looks like only the Mk.3 and Mk.3B Ogres are available, though you can pit them against Fencers or Ogrethulus.

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