Friday, October 28, 2011

Rebel Minis Zombie Madness

From the TMP 15mm Forums...

Rebel Mike said...

"So I was talking with Ed at Two Hour Wargames today and he said "You need a Zombie Sale for this Halloween!"

So I hung up. I don't like sales :)

He then called back and said, "I'll run a sale on the ATZ books if you do…" So, being a big fan of All Things Zombie, I agreed. So here's the Deal:

All Zombie packs, hunter packs and ATZ box sets are 20% off with code: zombies until Nov 1st. You must put in that code when checking out to get the discount. If I missed something email me :)

AND it gets better! If you buy any zombie item at, you can email Ed with your order # and you can get the ATZ(All things Zombie) rulebook for 1/2 off! WOW!

This is a killer deal for a limited time only! Check out the packs at:

All Things Zombie Rulebook at: link

Ed, said it.. so let it be done…

Thank you for your Support!"

You've got a couple days to put in "Zombies" and save some coin. C'mon, you know you want to start gaming The Walking Dead...



"Great. Now we just sounded the dinner bell..."

Or the Pinkeye episode of South Park...

Just go easy on the Worcestershire Sauce...



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