Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mercs Minis Waza Weapons WIP, Part 5

The Waza Shotgun was a bit of a mystery to me, at first. Large-Proportioned. Slabby. Almost glacial in its features. A very zen design.

I took a few liberties with the shotgun (if it is a shotgun at all. "Shotgun" was more of my working title for the weapon) which Keith generously approved.

Minor detail bits. A proposed muzzle that was then recessed. Some operating controls and an ejection port, as well as a detailed optic atop the main receiver.

Like the pistol, I went from rough-out...

...immediately to approval-level of detail.

Overall, the gun came out functional and realistic where it needed to be detailed, and smooth where it needed to be smooth. I was happy, the client was happy, and away we went...

More to come.

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