Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mercs Minis Waza Weapons WIP, Part 1

I met the gents from Mercs Minis when they were in town for GAMA. We had a nice dinner, I drank some beers at the Hofbrauhaus, and they ate half their strudel. It was a good time.

Over that half-eaten strudel and beer escapade, they brought up the subject of more work.

They were happy with the Sefadu set of weapons I did for them, and asked if I was available to do more. I readily agreed. They're good blokes.

So, a few weeks later, Keith from Mercs Minis emails me with the usual outstanding source art for the Waza faction's weapons, which are to be rapid prototyped and incorporated into manual sculpts.

Here's the source art...

More on this over the course of the week.

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