Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mint 1/60th Scale Dictator CAV kit on Ebay!

Wow! First, let me disclose that it's NOT mine, nor do I have any connection with it. It's just cool seeing a kit I made years ago on the secondary market.

Here's the link to the auction.

The seller seems to have a great rating. Cool. As to the photos, those are the contents as I remember them. "Factory Original Bags" from the auction text equals Albertsons brand sandwich bags, packed in my home office.

Those were good times, but made me quickly realize I wasn't a very good online retailer. If you've got one of those Dictators, Despots, or *shudder* a Factory-Seconds Scorpion kits, I hope it's still bringing you joy after all these years.

The Dictator 1/60th scale kit was done under license from Reaper from 2003 to 2005 or so. There were two waves of castings, if I recall. The amber colored leg is a pic of the master printout from a service bureau in Austin I used, called ATIRapid. Luke Allison was good people to deal with there.

The little signalman next to the leg is a sad attempt on my part to sculpt a 28mm scale figure. I sent most of my attempts to Kev at Hasslefree, to see if he could do anything with them. I'm sure he and the lovely Mrs. are still trying to get over the horror of unboxing my tragically-amateurish figs. Either that, or they're still pointing and giggling after all these years.

The assembled picture from my desk is one of my favorite shots of my first test kit. Obviously, this was a big boy. Neil Nowatzki also did a detailed review on Starship Modeler, and even hollowed out a hull to install a cockpit! Here's the link to that masterpiece...

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