Tuesday, January 18, 2011

15mm Madness (Civilians and Star Wars)

As you probably know, trying to make a wargaming scale (in this case "15mm scale") correspond to a fractional number scale (in this case, "1/100th scale") is like trying to nail jello to a wall.

Here's a few finds, with the assistance of Google, that might help put some more fastening spikes into said wall-mounted dessert and keep it in place.

First up is the line of human, modern-day civilians from a company called Preiser. They do architectural and railroad figures (high end stuff) in 1:100, among many other scales.

Here's a US outlet called Reynaulds in Illinois that carries their full line (not just 1:100th, either; Some gorgeous military and flightline figs in HO and 1:144th scales).


Also, Gaugemaster seems to be UK based…


They'd make great conversion fodder for modern, horror, near future, and even sci-fi in a pinch, and might be good enough to make dollies or bases for your own figs. The executives in suits would make great high-value targets for executive protection scenarios or assassination missions.

Definitely NOT cheap, though. The big pack of unpainted figures seems to be the best bet, but is still a healthy chunk of change.

For a more sci-fi feel, and less pain in the wallet, I'd recommend the Wave plastic sprue of figures called 1/100th Scale Mobile Staff, available from HLJ.com or StarshipModeler.com

Here's Starship Modeler's store link

Here's HLJ hlj.com/product/WAVOP-431

The big OneZero at StarshipModeler.com also sells a nice little kit for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars AT-TE walker (the six-legged beast from the land battle on Geonosis). It's a Revell kit, officially in 1:98th scale, but that's close enough to 1:100th for my purposes.

Here's the link for the AT-TE kit.

It's a beast of a model, and not inexpensive, but if you want to game Star Wars ground combat in 1/100th scale, this looks like a great start.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Converting! Rebel Mike and I have a lot of sprues planned for gear, weapons, and other small-scale bits in 1/100th scale, so with some work, these figs would make great bases for civilian militia, colonists, or ordinary folk going about their lives (which are suddenly caught up in your armored tabletop escapades).

Back to the pile o' work.



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