Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/100th Scale Destroid Reference, Part 2

Well, here's some more 1/100th Scale scaled-up Destroid goodness. You might remember the green-colored armor on the right as a Spartan, or a Gladiator, or an Archer, depending on whether you followed Macross, Robotech, or Battletech, respectively.

The Gladiator is spec'd out at 11.3 meters tall. That's 11.3 cm in 1/100th scale. 2.54 centimeters to the inch, and you've got about 4.45 inches tall. I fudged, and guestimated the designers meant 11.3 meters to the top of the hull, since the top-mounted lasers can vary in height. As they are now, at 45 degrees, the lasers make the height just a tad over 5 inches, when standing on the 1/8th" thick digital base I have the mecha standing on. If I've made the big guy too big, my apologies.

As usual, Waldo is standing to the beasts' right, standing on One Red Cent (a digital penny). He's there to represent the average 6ft tall man in 1/100th scale.

The club is probably new to most of you, since it was never really shown outside of a few pieces of source art, and a few seconds of time on screen, as far as I know. I was asked to make it a bit more intimidating than the standard club, so add a few knobs and other texture, and wha-la, meaner club.

Here they are in semi-action poses. Things are about to get loud...


NOTE: These bad boys, and anything else I post in a similar vein, belong to their respective owners, whoever the hell they are after decades of entangling lawsuits.

I make no attempt to challenge the copyrights,trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights to said respective legally-entangled IP owners.

This is more of a Fair Use thing, to illustrate sizing in 1/100th scale.

Good luck with that whole legal quagmire thing...
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