Saturday, October 30, 2010

Protolene Scenery WIP, Part 5

I've been doing the digital sci-fi architect thing for the last few days, creating living and fighting spaces for the Protolene warriors of Critical Mass Games.

Here's a few test shots of some hypothetical bunkers you can create with the bits I've conjured. The Double-celled bunker is an Ayame hardened response point, with a living quarters connected to an armored response/maintenance bay. The living quarters has the decorative topper on it, and the sloping roof, while the bay has the flattop roof, and a defense turret.

It's like the perfect little armored love shack, packed full of those nasty little Ayame assault armors. I really like those little hardsuits.

The connecting hallway bits are sized accordingly, so that a tall or short combo stack can be connected to a similarly-configured tower. You can even use the hallway bits to connect towers on their second, third, or higher stories, not just at ground level.

The triple bunkers are just variations on the same theme. I look forward to the multiple possibilities that this system of buildings promises.


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