Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get In The Yellow Footprints, Maggot!

Going Up The Grim Reaper, 2nd Phase, Spring 1995.

Me in the back row, with the "Railroad Tracks" across my chest. Yup, I was a diet recruit, a fatbody. I lost 40 pounds at Boot.

Ah, Back When I was Young and Beautiful...

15 years ago, way back in the 20th century, I was a quivering mass of goo, finding myself being yelled at by very intense gentlemen calling themselves "Drill Instructors," and calling me "Maggot," "Nasty One," and "God-Dang Recruit."

"Lurch," "Tall One," and "Encyclopedia" were also treasured monikers with which I was christened by these persons. It was an intense 3 months, but it reforged me. If you're of the age and disposition, I highly recommend the experience. You'll never look at life the same.

It seems very long ago, half a lifetime away. I reported for Marine Corps recruit training March 20th, 1995. I'm sure there are guys who I went through who are now Gunnery Sergeants, Master Sergeants, and First Sergeants, and my drill instructors are surely now all retired. Tonight, I raise a beer to you, gents .

John Bear Ross
CPL, 0331, 1995-2001

My Drill Instructors:
SSGT F.K. Summerill, Senior Drill Instructor
SGT W.H. Eskola, Drill Instructor
SGT C. Lewis, Drill Instructor
SGT J.S. Yates, Drill Instructor
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