Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ScorpionMech Bulk-Out

Bulk-out is another way of saying "putting the big chunks in the places they look purty."

I'm testing various hull shapes, seeing what works, what doesn't. The tail segments are smooth, for now, without the wicked spikes and hooks the Sofa King has destined them to bear. Those will come in time, as I add (and subtract) more and more detail.

The legs might look familiar. They're identical in size to the SpiderMech, which should give you a good indicator of this guy's size, if you own one. If you don't, you should because it's a great little model.

Anywho, that's all for tonight. Progress might get a little slower, since I've caught the same thing that's had my two kids hacking and coughing for the last two weeks. Rest, fluids, and more protototyping. Just what the doctor ordered...

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