Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Remain Hopeful For The Future

I just got back from Vegas, and saw Avatar in 3d for the second time. I'm a gun guy, so I paid particular attention to the weapons in the movie this time.

The scene in which the Colonel opens fire on the fleeing VTOL made me perk up when I saw it the second time. I became giddy when I realized that despite Avatar being set in the 22nd century, it was a revolver he was firing! Sweet!

I'm a revolver guy. Sure, I own semi-autos, but the heart and soul aren't the same. I learned to shoot on them as a kid, using my dad's .22LR and .22 Mags. I also recently inherited a Ruger Redhawk, in .44 Magnum, from my Grandfather Phillips. It's one of my most treasured pieces. Revolvers kick ass.

So, I came home, googled the colonel and his pistol, and came up with the picture of the Wasp.
I don't know much about it's "capabilities" (after all, it's a prop gun), but I'm tickled, nevertheless.

The Wasp joins the 2019 Detective Special (from Blade Runner)
and the Mateba (from real life) as fun, futuristic revolvers that illustrate the point that no matter how far in the future you go, you're still going to need a big hammer.

Back to sculpting...



I forgot about the "Tactical Revolver" that Smith and Wesson released a few years ago. It's called the Model 327 TRR. A bit wacky in the styling department, but it's hard to argue with 8 rounds of .357 Magnum.

Also, a pair of nicely-customized revolvers from Cylinder and Slide. They're not super-techno wazoo, but I like their looks.
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