Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hammer Suit WIP Pt. 1

It's not really a Work In Progress for the Hammer Suit. More like Work That Progressed. Chrono-grammatical errors aside, let me show you the work that went into the next big offering from Rebel Minis.

I did my initial bulk-out, based on the front-view sketch I showed in the previous blog post. I was going for initial shapes, and the framework of the machine underneath the armor. It looks goofy as hell, I know, but I wanted to make this a semi-realistic mechanism, not just a posed set of cool looking armor blocks. That's a Blue Waldo in a sitting position inside the main hull, just to show you that this has been proportioned for an actual crew member. Not to worry about the unbalanced, gawky look. It will fill out later, trust me.

I then detailed out the hull. This is about a 75% polished effort at this stage. The ball and socket joints are going to add a good range of motion, as well as a bit of modularity to the design. I call these ribbed ball-and-socket joints "Davis" joints, after my friend David V., who first suggested them for the 1/60th scale Dictator build I did years ago. They hold glue well in the seams, and make for very solid joints that don't usually require pinning.

I then added the combat blade to the left arm, which also was fleshed out. A similar arm, with slightly reworked grasping fist, was added for the rifle arm.

Finally (for this post, anyway), the main hull and legs were joined, in a classic "gunslinger" isosceles triangle pose. Some detail from the source art sketch survived, some did not. Sketches are nice, but sculpting gives you an opportunity to really see what works, and what doesn't. More mass and "oomph" was added to the legs, and its armor was formed so that this thing could still plausibly move like a walking human. I particularly like how the feet turned out, with their double side stabilizers.

Tune in tomorrow. Mike is working up some shots of the printed-out hammer suit for the formal reveal.

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