Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally! Hoverbikes Done!

Well, it was like pulling teeth with salad tongs, but I finally got some work done. The wife took a little vacation, and I've been Mr. Mom all week. After the kids were put to bed, I managed to get some sculpting time in. Here's the result (among other projects being knocked out).

Above are the finished (subject to approval) hoverbikes for Critical Mass Games. The single-seater is a nimble little thing, with sportbike styling. The larger ones are more sea-doo inspired, with two riders in tandem, or one pilot and one weapons hardpoint. The hardpoint is compatible with the wide variety of weapons already created for CMG's Arc Fleet product line. The heavy bikes also have a pair of dual-barrel weapons mounted to their front cowlings. I've also added to the mix by creating a flat rocket pack for the hard-point variant, which looks nice. More to come.

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